10 lb. Quad-Seal Foil Gusseted Bags - Silver - 300pcs/case


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10 lb. Quad-seal Foil Gusseted Bags

Quad-seal foil gusseted bags are laminated with the highest quality and consistency which provides the ultimate barrier protection against UV lighting, moisture, and oxygen. These quad seal foil side gusseted bags have a three layer construction consisting of PET/AL/LLDPE totaling approximately 135µ and coupled with the high barrier characteristics of foil, ensures that your product will experience extended shelf life. The quad-seal design gives these foil bags increased burst strength while also allowing for great flexibility in label application.

Product Specs:
Material Structure: PET / AL / LLDPE
Size (in): 11.00" W x 4.875" G x 23.50" H
Size (mm): 280mm W x 125mm G x 600mm H
Total Thickness: 5.4 mil
Usable Space: 20.45" (520mm)

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