Sprinkle King Decorette Jimmies - Bulk Option

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  • 1 Bag / 1 lb. 

Sprinkle King products are the standard by which the baking and food industry judges its colored confectionery toppings. Sprinkle King products work perfectly as decorations atop cakes, cookies, donuts, confectionery items, and ice cream & frozen desserts. Sprinkled King products are produced by Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, a division of global food industry leader, Kerry Group. Creatively add sparkle and themed fun to your sweets using Sprinkle King products ranging from standard sprinkles (decorettes / jimmies and nonpareils), themed shapes and iridescent KingsBlingz. When quality, consistency, and depth of color are your priority, you need look no further than Kerry Ingredients & Flavours Sprinkle King products. The best selling and least expensive of these products are Sprinkle King Decorettes™.

Available in 15 different colors/styles
2mm in diameter

1lb./bag or 6 lbs./box