2 lb. Poly/Foil Stand-Up Zip Pouches - Clear/Black - 500pcs/case


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2 lb. Clear Poly/Foil Stand-Up Pouches

These poly/foil stand up pouches are laminated with the highest quality and consistency which provides barrier protection against moisture and oxygen. The combination of a clear poly side and solid foil side on these stand up pouches allows for great versatility with product display and gives customers the opportunity to view the packaged product prior to purchase. These poly/foil stand up pouches have a two layer construction on the clear side consisting of PET/LLDPE totaling approximately 120µ and a three layer construction on the foil side consisting of PET/AL/LLDPE totaling approximately 135µ. The laminated structures coupled with the natural barrier characteristics of each material, ensures that your product will be protected in an air tight environment. Zip closures and tear notches are available on each of these stand up pouches giving them a resealable feature that is a valuable marketing tool.

Available with air valve.

Product Specs:
Poly Material Structure: PET / LLDPE
Foil Material Structure: PET / AL / LLDPE
Size (in): 9.00" W x 4.75" X 13.50" H
Size (mm): 230mm W x120mm G x 340mm H
Total Thickness: 5.4 mil

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