Big Train Chai Tea - Caramel

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Big Train Chai Tea - Caramel

Big Train's award-winning Chai is an absolutely unforgettably delicious!

Taste the drink that has been savored for centuries in India and refresh your body and soul with honey, vanilla, decadent caramel, black tea and exotic spices. Big Train's Caramel Chai is Kosher Certified, gluten free, contains no hydrogenated oil and can be made with water or your choice of milk.

Serve chai to your customers or yourself year-round in three different ways: hot, blended or iced!

Hot Chai Recipe (8 fl oz):

  • Mix 1 Scoop (3 Tbsp.) with 6 fl oz of hot water

Hot Chai Latte (12 fl oz):

  • Steam 3 fl oz of milk with 8 fl oz water to 160°F.
  • Add 1 1/3 Scoops (4 Tbsp.) Big Train Chai
  • Stir Rapidly and pour into 12 oz. mug

Iced Chai Latte (12 fl oz):

  • Mix 1 1/3 Scoops (4 Tbsp.) Big Train Chai WITH 4 fl oz of hot water
  • Pour over rounded 12 oz cup of ice
  • Add 1 fl oz cold milk and serve

Blended Ice Chai (16 fl oz):

  • Pour 6 fl oz of water into blender
  • Add 2 Scoops (6 Tbsp.) of Big Train Chai
  • Add 12 oz ice and blend until smooth

Approximately 46 - 8 fl oz Servings Per Bulk Bag