Aiya Black Tea Zen Café Blend/Pre-Mix - 1kg (2.2 lbs.) Bag

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Aiya Black Tea Zen Café Blend (Pre-Mix)

Following the success of Aiya's Matcha Pre-Mix, Aiya has released the Black Tea Pre-Mix. A blend of exotic Darjeeling and Assam tea from India. Enjoy the exotic armoma and flavors of this black tea in smoothies or lattes. You receive the benefits of the whole leaf through the process of powdering the tea.
The Pre-Mix lines are pre-blended with sugar to lightly sweeten the taste for fast and easy preparation for a fast paced lifestyle. It allows versatile applicationswhen mixed with cold of hot water, milk, or soymilk to prepare ice sweetened tea, smoothies, and lattes.
Black Tea - Darjeeling & Assam Black Tea - combined to present the very best of India. Vibrant deep hues and a deliciously bold presence will refresh your senses. Once hailed as an afternoon delight, and now modernized to be enjoyed by all. We have pre-blended this powdered tea to drink anytime, anywhere.

Please download sample recipes and enjoy Aiya's Pre-Mix products:
Recommend recipes are; Apple Black Tea Smoothie and Black Tea Latte with French Vanilla Milk.
This 1kg (2.2 lbs.) bag is good for 66 servings at 8 oz. a glass for Smoothie or Lattes.